We often hear people asking, “Who watches ‘The View’”? It’s astounding that the show has been on as long as it has. In a recent post we did on the show, the camera panned across the in-studio audience — people who willingly made the choice to sit in the room with “The View” brain trust and take them seriously. (Well, to be sexist, we wondered if some of the men weren’t dragged there by their wives … we certainly hope so.)

You knew that the cackling hens on “The View” would take a victory lap over the guilty verdict in Donald Trump’s so-called “hush money” case. Joy Behar even said that she started “leaking a little bit.”

Speaking of leaking, Sunny Hostin, who somehow was a prosecutor, talked to people inside the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and heard that the prosecution is recommending a year in prison for Trump. Of course, the crowd goes wild over the very mention of Rikers Island.

We don’t see it happening, but people like Rob Reiner have been dreaming about Trump behind bars for years.

In a separate thread, Scott Adams calls out those “predicting” a year in prison.

A mafia? Politico just did a piece on “reluctant” Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. He was just dragged into this mess after campaigning on prosecuting the Trump family.

That’s the thing? Do you want the man who was found competent to stand trial? Or four more years of the well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory? Biden is such a horrible candidate that Trump’s conviction has only boosted his fundraising.

There’s an appeals process to go through, so we don’t see Trump in an orange jumpsuit before November.

What sort of audience applauds Rikers Island? No, this wasn’t political at all.

Source: Brett T., twitchy.com/brettt/2024/06/01/view-audience-cheers-prediction-of-one-year-prison-sentence-for-trump-n2396870