It’s Robert De Niro.

I still can’t believe Donald Trump got elected president. Four years of sucking up to tyrants, supporting racists, ending Roe v. Wade, lying about the election when he lost, and calling for insurrection to stop the peaceful transfer of power.

Thank God Joe Biden defeated him and restored decency, compassion, and honest, intelligent leadership to the presidency.

Now Trump is trying to claw his way back. Frankly, it scares the hell out of me. I have said before that Donald Trump is a monster. And just imagine how dangerous it will be if he becomes President again. It’s going to take all of us to make sure Donald Trump never returns to the White House, so I’m personally asking:

Over the years, I’ve played my share of vicious, low-life characters. I’ve spent a lot of time studying bad men. I’ve examined their characteristics, their mannerisms, and the utter banality of their cruelty. Donald Trump is a wannabe tough guy with no morals or ethics who will do whatever he can to obtain power. As an actor, I could never play him. There’s not a shred of humanity to hang on to.

I strongly support Joe Biden. He’s a lifelong public servant with great personal integrity. I trust him completely to run the country. He puts you first. Trump cares only about himself.

Source: Robert De Niro