This week, Donald Trump’s official account shared a video saying he’d create “a unified Reich” if he wins this election.

That’s Hitler’s language. It’s not America’s.

And so long as I’m your President it never will be.

Folks, our freedoms are at risk, our very democracy. That’s not hyperbole. And that’s why I need you — as a top supporter of this campaign — to help me defeat Trump and his extremism by donating $25 to this email. I know it sounds insignificant, but I promise you it really matters.

Trump aims to destroy the America we know.

I really mean it.

Listen to what he says: He praises Putin as a “genius,” celebrates the criminals who assaulted our Capitol as “patriots,” attacks opponents as “vermin,” and goes off about immigrants “poisoning the blood” of our country.

Trump isn’t running to lead America. He’s running for revenge, to punish his enemies, to be a dictator — not a president.

We all see who Trump is. Now we must confront the threat he represents.

We need to defeat Trump and the danger he poses to our country.

Joe Biden, President of the United States

Source: Joe Biden