What people do not seem to understand is that Margorie Taylor Green is simply moving the Overton window. She’s moving the rhetoric so far to allow for Donald Trump to come behind her. But they are simpatico. They are hand and glove right now, and there’s no question that Donald Trump has visions, as we saw from his video with the Unified Reich … um … which was a completely knowing and intentional inclusion in that video. Let’s be real here: He is paving the way to become a Vladimir Putin or to become an Adolf Hitler or a Kim Jong-un. That’s what he wants to be, and all of this is in the lead-up to paving the way for him to win this election and then to take over this country and literally to eliminate the democracy that we know.

Source: Alex Wagner Tonight (H/T Memology 101 https://youtu.be/SBz84THOJ4E?si=suQWljx5LQrMof7D)