I got my Biden Harris bumper sticker to put on my car.

Unfortunately, my wife won’t let me as we live in a very red state and she drives my car a lot, so she is afraid that she will get harassed, tail gated, pushed off the road, assaulted, abused, or worse.

Some people have experienced this violence for supporting Joe Biden and the Democrats in red states. It’s very scary!

  • I love her, so I’m going to leave it off, but it’s horrible that we live in a time in the U.S. where the evil, violent, and abusive tRump, Republicans, and their supporters are not being held accountable for their threats, harassment, and violence towards others.

  • We are living in another Hitler’s Nazi Germany. If we speak out against tRump and the Republicans in these red states, we are threatened and sometimes attacked.

  • Seriously, tRump is the GOP nominee and he incited a violent and deadly riot and insurrection to overthrow the government 3 years ago, and he is still not convicted and in prison like he should be.

  • And, he is a convicted sexual abuser, liar, and financial fraudster and is still facing almost 100 felony criminal charges that he has already been found guilty by unbiased grand juries due to the enormous amount of evidence against him.



Source: Phoenix Wise, via 𝕏