Former President Donald Trump will appear on the Washington general and primary ballots after a judge on Thursday rejected a challenge to his eligibility under the 14th Amendment.

Superior Court Judge Mary Sue Wilson determined that Maine Secretary of State Steve Hobbs had properly included Trump on the list of candidates for the Evergreen State ballots. A group of state residents brought the challenge.

“An order directing the secretary of state to take different action, an order from this court, is simply not supported by the statutes and not supported by the affidavit of the electors,” she wrote, according to The Hill.

The case is one of a series of challenges to Trump’s appearance on both primary and general ballots contending that his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot disqualified him under the Amendment’s “insurrection” provision.

The Supreme Court is slated to hear oral arguments on Feb. 8 as part of Trump’s appeal of a Colorado Supreme Court decision disqualifying him.

Source: Ben Whedon,