Colonel Earl G. Matthews, senior legal adviser to Major General William J. Walker, who commanded the Washington D.C. National Guard on January 6th, 2021, has blamed former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley for letting the protest get out of hand. The colonel compared the now-retired Milley to the murderous Don Emilio Barzini, who served as Don Vito Corleone’s arch-nemesis in The Godfather.

“Milley controlled the Army,” Matthews told reporter Neil McCabe, arguing that while the Joint Chiefs boss lacked legal authority within the chain of command, he instead leveraged his profound influence and contacts in the Pentagon to delay the Guard’s response.

“The problem was not with Donald Trump; it’s Mark Milley and the Army leadership in control. They stopped the Guard from coming then lied about it and said the Guard acted at sprint speed,” Matthews explained.

“Milley is the Don Barzini of the Deep State … the most powerful chairman of the joint chiefs in history,” he continued. “It was Milley all along, and I didn’t realize it. Milley was manipulating this entire stuff from point start.”

“This is about civilian control of the military. There was none. There is none. I argue that — Mark Milley had more control over the D.C. Guard on Jan. 6 than Donald Trump did — if Donald Trump wanted to call the Guard to go to the Capitol, Milley wouldn’t let him do it.”

Maj. Gen. Walker, who commanded the D.C. Guard until April 2021, previously testified that he asked the Army leadership to authorize the deployment of the Guard as soon as then-Chief of U.S. Capitol Police Steven Sund requested it, but he was kept waiting for three hours and 19 minutes.

Source: Jack Montgomery,