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Rachel Maddow: Now that he’s got the right attorney general in position to do it we now know they really have been trying to gin up criminal prosecutions and criminal investigations into the president’s perceived enemies … Politically motivated persecution right? Courtesy of Bill Barr. I’ll … I’ll roll in the FBI on you. That’s how Banana Republics work right?

MSNBC: The home of the 45th president of the United States has been raided by the FBI.

Rachel Maddow: Mr. Trump is using the Justice Department to go after his perceived enemies.

Rachel Maddow: I feel worried about the prospect of the Justice Department being used as a tool of this president or any.

Rachel Maddow: In our little Banana Republic any capable prosecutor can get a grand jury to hand down an indictment of something as innocent as a ham sandwich.

Jack Smith: Today an indictment was unsealed charging Donald J. Trump.

CBS News: Breaking news on former president Trump: He’s been indicted for the fourth time in five months.

Adam Schiff: Bill Barr, on the president’s behalf, is weaponizing the Justice Department to go after the president’s enemies. … When you win on election you don’t seek to just prosecute the losing side.

Don Lemon: President using the Justice Department as a weapon to get what he wants.

Chris Matthews: Department of Justice is totally politicized.

MSNBC: Siccing the Department of Justice on political opponents.

Joe Reid: Threatening to imprison his political rival, Banana Republic style.

MSNBC: Trying to exact revenge against all of his enemies.

Jamie Raskin: Tinpot dictator in a Banana Republic.

CNN: Is acting more like a Banana Republic dictator.

Karine Jean-Pierre: He’s using government resources to go after his political opponent.

MSNBC: Um … essentially we are Banana Republic that we are we are … um … seeking to have a bogus in criminal investigation into a political opponent.

Ted Lieu: And that’s using the Department of Justice to also Target Trump’s political opponent for nefarious reasons. This is a massive abuse of power and a betrayal of our values.

Bishop Garrison: President of the United States is targeting a family member of a political opponent. This is a type of thing that happens in a Banana Republic.

Joachin Castro: And trying to take out a political rival in Joe Biden.

Anderson Cooper: Criminally investigating an American political rival, someone the president is worried about losing to in the next election.

John Podesta: To investigate my principal opponent or a principle opponent … uh … in the upcoming election. Houston we have a problem.

Sol Wisenberg: Don’t you think that’s something that should be investigated when the incumbent political party opens a Counter Intelligence investigation on the candidate of the opposing party?

MSNBC: We know Trump is itching to politicize the Justice Department and the attorney general has been super shady.

Paul Butler: President is weaponizing the Department of Justice to bring cases against his enemies. The Department of Justice in is in an existential crisis.

CNN: Again it’s yet another example of the Justice Department basically losing all of its independence in this Administration.

Joe Lockhart: This is now about corrupting the next election and for me this was crossing the red line.

MSNBC: The President, who is actively trying to potentially steal the upcoming election.

MSNBC: But to try to take out a political rival. The end goal being 2020.

Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump and his attorney general are using the Justice Department. The only difference between this and a Banana Republic is that Trump does not eat fruit.

Seth Meyers: The 2020 election is really the last chance we have to stop our system from fully sliding into a corrupt Banana Republic.

Ana Navarro: Bill Barr has done everything that Donald Trump has wanted him to do.

Joy Behar: Yeah, we’re living in a Banana Republic right now.

Angus King: When you start using the Justice Department to go after your enemies, that’s … that’s very very dangerous.

John Brennan: Donald Trump is using the Department of Justice to go after his enemies in any way that he can.

CNN: Having the head of the chief federal enforcement agency essentially working on his behalf to investigate a political rival.

Dan Kildee: To investigate a the family of a political opponent basically Banana Republic behavior.

Joe Scarborough: We’re … we’re no better than some … you know … some Banana Republic.

Joe Biden: And he’s using the abuse of power and every element of the the presidency to try to do something to smear me.

Joe Biden: Um … we just have to demonstrate that he will not take power … um … by … uh. if we if he does run.

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