Today Letitia James posted on 𝕏 about how Donald Trump committed years of fraud and how she proved it with the trial. The reality doesn’t agree with her assessment and she should be disbarred at a minimum.

In truth, she had to bring a civil case, not a criminal one. Secondly, the bank executives who she claimed were victims testified that they didn’t use the financial statements when giving Donald Trump the loans.

Also, the Judge, his clerk, and the AG all showed extreme bias outside and inside of the courtroom. This case will stand as an example of political targeting in the worst way. These people will be remembered in history as the scumbags they truly are.

How can anyone in good conscience support this travesty of justice? If they can go after the former President of the United States and leading GOP candidate, what do you think they’ll do to you?

Source: Travis, via 𝕏