• Former Democratic senator declares Trump ‘more dangerous’ than Hitler, Mussolini ‘All he wants is to look in the mirror and see a guy who is president,’ she said

  • MSNBC political analyst says Donald Trump is ‘more dangerous’ than Hitler, Mussolini

Former Democratic Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill declared Donald Trump was “more dangerous” than Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini on Tuesday during an interview on MSNBC.

MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez asked McCaskill about Trump “stoking violence” around the country.

“A lot of people have tried to draw similarities between Mussolini and Hitler and the use of the terminology like ‘vermin’ and the drive that those men had towards autocracy and dictatorship,” McCaskill responded.

“The difference, though, I think makes Donald Trump even more dangerous, and that is he has no philosophy he believes in. He is not trying to expand the boundaries of the United States of America,” she continued.

“He is not trying to overcome a neighboring country like Putin is in Ukraine. He is not going for a grandiose scheme of international dominance. All he wants is to look in the mirror and see a guy who is president. All he cares about is selfish self-promotion. That’s the only philosophy he has,” McCaskill said.

McCaskill is one of multiple Democrats to compare the former president to Hitler, the dictator leader of Nazi Germany, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, who joined the hosts of “The View” earlier this month, said that Trump would be “even worse” now if he were elected in 2024.

“When I was secretary of state, I used to talk about ‘one and done.’ What I meant by that is that people would get legitimately elected, and then they would try to do away with elections and do away with opposition and do away with a free press,” Clinton said.

“Hitler was duly elected right? And so, all of a sudden, somebody with those tendencies, the dictatorial, authoritarian tendencies, would be like, ‘Oh, OK, we’re going to shut this down, we’re going to throw these people in jail,’ and they didn’t usually telegraph that. Trump is telling us what he intends to do,” she continued.

Media pundits and Democrats have made the comparison of late after the former president used the term “vermin” to refer to his political foes.

During a speech in New Hampshire earlier this month, Trump said, “We pledge to you that we will root out the communists, Marxists, fascists and the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country that lie and steal and cheat on elections.”

McCaskill claimed in July that Republicans were attacking President Biden for “loving” his son Hunter Biden, who is the subject of several investigations into his foreign business dealings.

She said House Republicans were going to “try to indict a father for loving his son, who has been addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, without evidence of the father doing anything other than loving that son.”

Source: Hanna Panreck, foxnews.com/media/former-democratic-senator-declares-trump-more-dangerous-than-hitler-mussolini