• “This is two of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of!”

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Gentleman from Texas is recognized.

Jim Jordan: Thank you, Mr Durham that’s not part of the report is a lot of what I’ve heard from my colleagues on the other side of the aisle. One of my colleagues from California said, ‘I don’t know what we’re doing here,’ and what we’re doing here is going through this very damning report. The FBI has failed many times over the over the years that you investigated them. I’d like to ask, did the FBI open Crossfire Hurricane without speaking to the people who provided the information?

John Durham: Yes.

Did the FBI open Crossfire Hurricane on a Sunday only three days after reviewing the information yes did the FBI open Crossfire Hurricane without any significant review of its own intelligence database.


Did the FBI open Crossfire Hurricane without interviewing the essential Witnesses?


Did the FBI open Crossfire Hurricane without using any of the standard analytical tools typically employed in evaluating intelligence?


Did the FBI consider the possibility that it was the target um it didn’t appear so to me from the from the evidence and so I’m curious if you could tell me because I’m not a prosecutor some of my colleagues here are but the average American is not can you tell us why and under what motivation would a prosecutorial agency act in such a way where it willfully ignores multiple instances of exclamatory evidence throughout the course of its investigation because I just don’t understand that that in my experience that that is um that is not the norm that’s not how the FBI uh performs in this particular case as is reflected in the in the report there appear to be people uh persons in the FBI who are Central to opening the investigation that had um rather strong views concerning um then candidate Trump and we’ve heard in your report that you you referenced confirmation bias and a lot of times or sometimes we see that the investigators perhaps the FBI investigators they have a confirmation bias because they want a guilty outcome they want to find the suspect guilty but we did not see that to be the case for Hillary Clinton so it makes me think that based on the investigation into the conduct and the continuous disregard for Duty there was obviously a special motivation to find this suspect Donald Trump in his campaign guilty above anyone else would you agree I can I can speak to what the facts show as documented in the report again people draw their reasonable inferences conclusions from those facts with an honest reading of the report if either you or someone on your team willfully ignored exculpitary exculpatory evidence refuse to interview key Witnesses favored one suspect over another or did any or all of the things that the FBI did during Crossfire Hurricane would you face repercussions there ought to be repercussions if that ever happened in connection with an agent that I was working with and I knew about it the first thing would be to report it to the court and the probably second thing would be to report it to the superiors the third thing would be sure that that agent never worked with me again I appreciate that I also appreciate your remarks earlier in your open testimony where you said my colleagues and I carried out our work in good faith with Integrity in the spirit of following the facts wherever they lead without fear or favor I believe you did that I’m disappointed and some of my colleagues that have said disparaging remarks about you I’ve seen very few that actually talk about your report they want to talk about everything else which tells me you’re on to something I’d also yield the balance of my time to the chairman I appreciate the gentleman for for yielding so Dan Cinco is the primary sub Source a few years before he does this work he was investigated by the FBI for Espionage is that right Mr Durham right and that that case was halted because the FBI thought he left the country right right had he left the country no where was he living your you remain living in the place there’s living when they open the investigation right here in DC right yeah yeah you hadn’t left anyways right here in DC and they were going to stop this and then they go hire him use the tax money of the people I get the privilege of representing to pay this guy who they obviously knew was a Russian spy they hire him who’s the source of all the false information is that true they paid him um they hired it and they paid him um a couple hundred thousand if I recall right is over two hundred thousand dollars yeah and then this guy is hanging out with Dolan Charles Dolan who’s a buddy of the clintons who’s also a source for the false dossier that was used to spy on American citizen he’s hanging out with all in fact don’t they meet on a park bench somewhere in Arlington Virginia on New Year’s Day New Year’s Day middle of the day this is straight out of the movies right and the FBI says but we’re not going to talk to Charles Dolan this is two of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of they won’t talk they they pay a guy who’s a Russian spy who’s the source of the dossier the other source of the dossier is Charles Dolan who meets with that guy on a park bench in Arlington and they don’t want to interview him I mean you can’t make this stuff up but that’s what comey’s FBI did and they’re still doing this kind of baloney because Mr dantuano told us so running operations running Investigations out of headquarters instead of assigning a U.S attorney a job you did for a long time and did very well that is a huge problem in your report that’s why your report’s valuable.

Source: House Judiciary Committee hearing, youtu.be/jQ18BVDbcBY?si=R1H_rAaOiuRWO0_Z