The media falsely accused Donald Trump of breaking a promise to get “food for everyone” at a Cuban restaurant, and had to quietly correct their reports on the subject.

Journalists were quick to claim Trump skipped out on a promise to buy supporters food at the Versailles restaurant in Miami shortly after he appeared in court to face federal charges.

“It turns out no one got anything. Not even a cafecito to-go,” claimed the Miami New Times, citing a “knowledgeable source”. Business Insider, Salon, and others were quick to repeat the accusation. The claim has since been debunked by Trump’s team, indicating the outlets never even bothered to check with the Trump team before running their hit pieces.

Insider's Report update

The “update” quietly added to the pieces.

“A spokesperson for Trump [said] the former president had ‘offered to buy food’ for his supporters but they ‘followed him outside’ when he was leaving ‘and did not place orders themselves,’” admitted Insider in an amended version of their article, adding that Trump’s advance team “paid for any to-go meals ordered.”

Nevertheless, the headline of Insider’s report still suggests Trump “left without paying for anything” as of the time of publication.

Source: Jack Montgomery,