• Hunter Biden FINALLY admits infamous laptop is HIS as he sends letters to prosecutors demanding investigations into Trump allies Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani for peddling hard drive to media

Hunter Biden is going on the offense with his lawyers now asking the Justice Department to investigate former President Donald Trump’s allies, who peddled his laptop’s hard drive to media outlets in the run-up to the 2020 election. The first son’s lawyer Abbe Lowell asked the DOJ to probe former Trump strategist Steve Bannon (pictured bottom right), campaign lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (pictured top right), Giuliani’s lawyer and the owner of the Wilmington computer repair shop, John Paul Mac Isaac, who obtained the laptop in April 2019.

Using passages from Mac Isaac’s book, American Injustice: My Battle to Expose the Truth, Lowell notes that Mac Isaac sent a copy of the laptop data to Giuliani’s lawyer Robert Costello who turned it over to the ex-mayor, who at the time was pushing discredited theories about the younger Biden. From there, Giuliani (pictured) pitched the laptop story to a reporter at the New York Post — which broke the story about the laptop in October 2020 — and to Bannon, the letter said. Hunter Biden never consented to having his personal information shared, Lowell argued. ‘This failed dirty political trick directly resulted in the exposure, exploitation and manipulation of Mr. Biden’s private and personal information,’ the letter said.

‘Politicians and the news media have used this unlawfully accessed, copied, distributed, and manipulated data to distort the truth and cause harm to Mr. Biden.’ The letter is the first time Hunter Biden has acknowledged it was his data that was found and distributed to members of the news media. Contents of the laptop include business and personal emails, as well as a number of images of Hunter Biden in compromising positions. In a separate letter, Biden’s attorneys have asked that Fox News host Tucker Carlson retract and apologize for what they claim are false and defamatory statements when he repeatedly said that Hunter Biden has access to the classified documents found at the Bidens’ Wilmington home.

Mac Isaac declined to comment when reached by The Associated Press on Wednesday evening. Costello, asked to comment on behalf of him and Giuliani, said he had not yet seen a copy of the letter but said it sounded ‘preposterous.’ A lawyer who represented Bannon (pictured) at a trial in Washington, D.C., last year did not immediately return a call seeking comment. A Fox News representative had no immediate comment to The Associated Press.

The request for the DOJ to open a criminal inquiry does not commit federal prosecutors to take any actions, but represents a shift in legal strategy and a rare public response by the younger Biden and his legal team to years of attacks by Republican officials and conservative media, scrutiny expected to continue now that the GOP has taken over the House. The letter to the Justice Department was addressed to its top national security official, Matthew Olsen. It cites possible violations of statutes prohibiting the unauthorized access of a computer or stored electronic communication as well as the transport of stolen data across state lines and the publication of restricted personal data with the intent to intimidate or threaten. A Justice Department spokesperson declined to comment. Pictured: Screenshot of graphic content from Hunter’s laptop.


Source: Daily Mail, dailymail.co.uk/galleries/article-11705309/Hunter-Biden-finally-admits-infamous-laptop-writes-DOJ.html