So, as I warned, Trump is likely to be back here on Hellscape dot com any time now. Elon will want to juice the stock price, and rest-assured, Wall Street will take the bait.

There was a sense that his banishment made his cult less committed, his danger less pendant.

That was never the case. Just not saying his name or looking into the maw of his power over the MAGAe didn’t make it go away. He is the most powerful force in GOP politics by orders of magnitude and the inevitable 2024 nominee unless a shark, a blood clot or Melania kills him.

He’ll leave Truth Social like a fourth wife. Yes, he’ll bag-walk in triumph for days and revel in the misery of people who just want him gone.

Who cares? This is where the fight is, and if he’s here, you owe it to yourself to tell him to fuck right off.

Y’all, he reads his twitter comments. He’s a damn snowflake. Drag him. Have fun with it. He’s not sending his militia to kick in doors yet, and since Duke Elon has embraced the free speech public square trope, ride it like a rented mule.

(Yes, I know it’s going private now; should have said “valuation” instead of “stock price.”)

I’m not leaving. Fuck him and the whore he rode in on. I’d rather have him under the panoptic eye of millions than slinking around on some right wing media ghetto.

HORSE. Sorry. Voice rec.

Besides, Trump being back in the public eye like this makes it harder for decent people to look away and mutter, “Well, it was Trump or communism. I don’t like the tweets but I like duh policy.”

Now, they’ll own it again.

Republican electeds will have to rub that stank alllll over themselves again to satisfy his grotesque, seething ego hole.

I wish he’d been back earlier in the election cycle so voters would know that a vote for ANY GOP candidate is a vote for more of him, everywhere, always.

Be eager for the fray. Get in the game. Don’t that human FUPA make you leave a goddamned thing.

If the thing is going to darken your door, darken his back. Bullies never quit until someone punches back.

Give as good as ya get.

The greatest joy for Trump and the school of little MAGAs swimming after him in hopes of catching his droppings is for people to writhe and moan.

Be eager for the fray.

OK, back to work for this guy. Ads to make, people to smite,

See you soon, Donnie.