• Many items and papers taken that FBI lack authority to confiscate

Besides the evidence of sloppiness in the FBI’s search warrant raid on President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home over the custody of documents from his first term as president, the situation has revealed a bias on the part of legal experts across the country.

That’s according to Jonathan Turley, a George Washington University law professor and avowed Democrat, who said the judge’s ruling cited “the sort of FBI failures that in the past would have enraged liberals who have gone silent about such concerns in the Trump era,” according to a report from Just the News.

“Many faculty on the left continue the curious objections to a court seeking review of the FBI or not accepting its overbroad claims of authority,” he wrote. “It is a bizarre shift that we have seen in other Trump investigations where liberals suddenly express shock that a court would override sweeping national security claims or seek to review the Justice Department’s review of material for privilege.”

At issue is the validity of a search warrant allowing the FBI to send dozens of agents to raid Trump’s home, inspect the property of Melania and Barron Trump, and take virtually anything they wanted.

In fact, reports now confirm that the FBI likely took hundreds of documents to which agents were not entitled — even to see.

Those included papers protect by attorney-client privilege, financial records, health records and more.

Turley pointed out the apparent “mistakes” by investigators, the “privileged material (as well as an assortment of private material from medical records to tax records) were seized.”

Just the News documented that the Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide requires agents to use the “least intrusive” means of collecting evidence, especially in cases where the First Amendment likely is prominent.

The article cited the evidence of carelessness: “A criminal probe ‘requested by the incumbent president.’ The seizure of clothing, medical records, tax records and 500 pages of attorney-client privileged documents not covered by a warrant. The sharing of privileged documents with investigators.”

That’s all evident after U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon ruled that a special master needs to be appointed to handle those documents. Her ruling also exposed how the raid was conducted “so sloppily” that it violated FBI agents’ manual mandates.

Cannon, in fact, found that the government’s failures put Trump “at risk of suffering injury from the government’s retention and potential use of privileged materials.”

Just the News explained, “But one thing is clear. The FBI and its overseers at the Biden Justice Department bumbled on what was certain to be one of the most scrutinized search warrant executions in modern American history. And that’s according to one of the bureau’s own former and highly respected executives.”

The report quoted former assistant FBI Director of Intelligence Kevin Brock saying, “The more that’s revealed, the more it looks like a kind of sloppy government overreach is in play. It seems more than a bit ‘loose’ to those of us who have executed numerous search warrants.”

He earlier suggested it is possible that a court eventually will throw out the search warrant entirely.

Among the FBI failures now evident: The confiscation of more than 500 pages of documents protected by attorney-client privilege, the taking of personal medical and financial records, even clothing.

Brock told Just the News, “I don’t care if it was a drug trafficker, or a child exploiter, or whatever, you go into a home, you set up a system where those things that you seize are assiduously documented. They’re given a specific tracking number, barcodes, if you will, and each piece is gone through meticulously before you leave the premises to make sure that it’s within the scope of the document.”

The judge’s ruling even revealed that the DOJ’s teams — assigned to separate evidence from private documents — failed to keep some of those pieces of paper from reaching investigators.

Then, too, as WND previously reported, the judge revealed that the criminal probe was begun with the National Archives “providing the FBI access to the records in question, as requested by the incumbent President.”

“In other words, as Just the News reported last week, Biden gave an instruction that was the ignition for a criminal probe of his rival,” Just the News said.

Biden, earlier, had told reporters, about the raid, “I didn’t have any advance notice. None. Zero. Not one single bit.”

But the judge’s decision documented that he, in fact, did.

That claim, of course, was from the president who many times has claimed he had no discussions with, nor knew anything about, his son Hunter’s international business schemes despite the abundant evidence he routinely met with foreign actors doing business with Hunter, was identified by participants as being in line for a 10% share of at least one major deal, and in fact publicly boasted of using a threat to coerce Ukraine officials into firing a prosecutor looking into corruption at Burisma, which then was paying Hunter a million dollars a year to be on its board.

Source: Bob Unruh, wnd.com/2022/09/trump-raid-conducted-sloppily-violated-fbi-manual-mandates/