If you think the FBI division in charge of the raid on former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach residence should be investigated, don’t worry. Special Counsel John Durham is already investigating the very same unit for allegedly abusing its power in the now totally discredited Russiagate probe, notoriously known as “Crossfire Hurricane.”

It turns out that the FBI’s recent stomp through Mar-a-Lago “is part of a counterintelligence case run out of Washington — not Miami, as has been widely reported,” according to Paul Sperry of RealClear Investigations, who cites FBI case documents and sources “with knowledge of the matter.”

“Although the former head of Crossfire Hurricane, Peter Strzok, was fired after the disclosure of his vitriolic anti-Trump tweets, several members of his team remain working in the counterintelligence unit, the sources say, even though they are under active investigation by both Durham and the bureau’s disciplinary arm, the Office of Professional Responsibility,” Sperry reports.

What’s more, a “key member” of the credibility-impaired Crossfire team is also involved in investigating the “potentially incriminating” content on Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.

“In addition, a key member of the Crossfire team — Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten — has continued to be involved in politically sensitive investigations, including the ongoing federal probe of potentially incriminating content found on the abandoned laptop of President Biden’s son Hunter Biden, according to recent correspondence between the Senate Judiciary Committee and FBI Director Christopher Wray,” Sperry writes.

In fact, notes Sperry, Auten has been accused of trying to cover up the first son’s indiscretions ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

“FBI whistleblowers have alleged that Auten tried to falsely discredit derogatory evidence against Hunter Biden during the 2020 campaign by labeling it Russian ‘disinformation,’ an assessment that caused investigative activity to cease,” he writes.

In 2019, Auten was referred for disciplinary review by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz for “his role in vetting a Hillary Clinton campaign-funded dossier used by the FBI to obtain a series of wiretap warrants to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.”

“Horowitz singled out Auten for cutting a number of corners in the verification process and even allowing information he knew to be incorrect slip into warrant affidavits and mislead the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court,” Sperry reports.

Online, news of the questionable connections has, for many, blown any lingering trust Twitter users have for the FBI.

“FBI is totally corrupt … fascists with guns,” tweeted one user.

“bUt iTs nOt pOlItIcAl,” quipped another.

And a third can’t believe the FBI couldn’t find anyone else to handle Mar-a-Lago.

“Wow. Even if the FBI is pure as driven snow on this do you not avoid this, or try to, by sending a different unit?” the user asked.

Not one to believe in coincidences, another user tweeted what many others appear to be thinking.

Call it the “Crossfire Hurricane Cleanup Raid.”

Not political — nope — nope — this is all just a coincidence.

(They’ll be raiding Durham’s office soon).

Ralph Kern, via 𝕏

Source: Melissa Fine, bizpacreview.com/2022/08/19/crossfire-hurricane-cleanup-raid-fury-over-report-on-fbi-unit-that-ran-mar-a-lago-probe-1275409/