It has been revealed that the warrant enabling the Biden FBI’s unprecedented raid of Mar-a-Lago was signed by Bruce E. Reinhart, the magistrade judge for the Southern District of Florida who previously defected from the U.S. Attorney’s Office to represent associates of Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex trafficker also known for having not killed himself.

As the Miami Herald explained in 2018:

Jeffrey Epstein also hired Bruce Reinhart, then an assistant U.S. attorney in South Florida, now a U.S. magistrate. He left the U.S. Attorney’s Office (which was prosecuting Epstein) on Jan. 1, 2008, and went to work representing Epstein’s employees on Jan. 2, 2008, court records show. In 2011, Reinhart was named in the Crime Victims’ Rights Act lawsuit, which accused him of violating Justice Department policies by switching sides, implying that he leveraged inside information about Epstein’s investigation to curry favor with Epstein.


Reinhart’s defection was one of many highly unusual turns that the Epstein case took 12 years ago, moves that could merit examination as the multimillionaire’s controversial non-prosecution agreement is dissected in the wake of his arrest last week on sex trafficking charges.

Reinhart swore, under penalty of perjury, in a 2011 affidavit that he wasn’t part of the team involved in the Epstein investigation and thus wasn’t privy to any confidential information while at the U.S. Attorney’s office, but as the Herald points out:

Reinhart’s former supervisors in the U.S. Attorney’s Office filed a court paper contradicting him, saying that “while Bruce E. Reinhart was an assistant U.S. attorney, he learned confidential, non-public information about the Epstein matter.

And as the National Pulse discovered, Reinhart has donated twice to Obama’s campaign in 2008 (totalling $2,000), and to Trump rival Jeb Bush in 2015.

Source: Matt Palumbo,