Rob Reiner, the actor who played “Meathead” on “All in the Family,” sent out a tweet on Wednesday claiming that former President Donald Trump “has committed the single worst crime in presidential history.”

“Donald Trump has committed the single worst crime in Presidential history,” Reiner said. “He attempted to overthrow the United States Government.

“Attorney General Garland: We are a Nation of laws,” said Reiner. “If you don’t enforce them, we have no Nation.”

In a tweet he sent out back on Feb. 10, Reiner had said: “Every day that goes by that Donald Trump is not indicted for the mounts of Crimes he’s committed against the United States, brings us one day closer to the end of Democratic Self Rule.”

In another tweet on Feb. 14, Reiner said: “With Rudy possibly spilling the beans and his accounting firm dumping him, Trump’s rats feel that ship slowly starting to sink. Can’t wait for the Lying Criminal to be standing on deck alone.”