Another major editor’s note attached to a Washington Post Russiagate story.

This one is essentially a retraction. There’s no way for major media outlets can keep evading this accountability. It’s crashing down. Glenn Greenwald, via Twitter

The Washington Post just retracted two major stories it published on the Steele Dossier: with the perhaps unprecedented step of removing huge parts of the articles and re-writing them. Yet it still refuses to say who lied to make them publish this:

The scope of the media’s Russiagate fraud is only starting to be appreciated. @mtaibbi has called it “this generation’s WMDs” in terms of media malfeasance. Look at how extreme their conduct now is in trying to clean it up: reflecting what a huge, sustained fraud this was:

Glenn Greenwald via Twitter

I think they’ll just quietly add notes like this and then move on. The advantage they have is that they’re all guilty outside of right-wing media, so they all have a common interest in memory-holing it as soon as possible, and they will.

Glenn Greenwald via Twitter

Note: See The Steele Dossier here.