• A conference call attendee alleges that Dominion’s Eric Coomer made some damning statements about the outcome of the November 3 election

A September 27, 2020, conference call between leaders of several activist groups found one participant so alarmed by a statement made by a Dominion Voting Systems higher-up that he decided he had to go public with what he knew.

The founder of a group called Faith Education Commerce United, Joe Oltmann, who infiltrated the conference call believing that he was gaining opposition intelligence on Antifa, told reporters the conference call took place on September 27, 2020. Other participants on the call, Oltmann says, were leaders of Antifa and other groups that vehemently opposed the re-election of President Trump.

Oltmann alleged to reporters that one of the participants on the conference call was a key leadership team member of Dominion Voting Systems.

As the call ramped up, Oltmann said he was told that one of the participants would be “Eric from Dominion” would be on the call. He later stated he was confident the identify of that person was Dominion employee Eric Coomer.

According to Oltmann, one participant on the conference call asked, “What are we gonna do if f—king Trump wins?”

Oltmann, paraphrasing Coomer’s purported response, indicated that Coomer said, “Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f—king sure of that!”

The left-wing “fact checking” website Snopes — which some have linked to deep pockets on the Left and which has consistently supported left-leaning narratives, currently declares the allegation as “unproven.” They state that they “don’t know whether Oltmann’s allegations against Coomer are accurate or not.”

So far, Oltmann has offered only social media posts belonging to Coomer to back-up the veracity of his claims. These posts do not specifically prove or disprove the key allegation made by Oltmann, that Coomer boasted about rigging the election, although it is strongly inferred.

Snopes concedes a critical point. Despite the lack of direct corroborating evidence of a recording or admission by Coomer, it “doesn’t necessarily mean Oltmann’s claim is false, it just means it is so far not supported by any publicly available evidence beyond his verbal account.”

Several videos and eyewitness accounts have substantiated Coomer’s bias against not only President Trump, but Republican candidates as well.

Source: Frank Salvato, nationalfile.com/dominion-eric-coomer-allegedly-bragged-he-made-fking-sure-that-trumps-not-gonna-win/