I knew it would be widely denied that prominent liberals floated an Electoral College coup in 2016, which is why I contemporaneously saved a bunch of examples

Plenty more where that came from

Could do this all day, folks

Larry Lessig was really the hottest ticket in town for awhile. What a time to be alive

The thing about media/think tank liberals is that they’re usually slightly more tactful than their right-wing counterparts when “floating” such harebrained schemes. Which gives them greater plausible deniability

But if you squint hard enough it’s usually pretty easy to get the message

Michael Moore on MSNBC’s “All in With Chris Hayes” — December 16, 2016. Three days before the Electoral College formally convened

Alright, one more. This might’ve been the most celebrated New York Times op-ed of December 2016, when the Electoral College subversion scheme was really gaining elite momentum. Anyone who tries to tell you this stuff didn’t happen is lying

Source: Michael Tracey, via 𝕏