• The Speaker of the House did not hold back on This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

Whoever wins, we win, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. on Sunday. If you want to read between the lines, that is.

“This president is impeached for life, regardless of any gamesmanship on the part of Mitch McConnell,” the California Representative said, firming up Rep. Adam Schiff’s suggestion from a month ago that a failed Senate trial, by its very nature of existing, would not be a failure. “He will be impeached forever,” Pelosi continued, twisting the knife a bit into President Donald Trump’s ego.

In addition to the rhetorical (though 100 percent accurate) fireworks, the Speaker responded to George Stephanopoulos asking if the House had exhausted the alternatives to the White House’s blocking of witnesses. She said that they are “in court” on the issue and has not “eliminated the possibility of ever subpoenaing and going forward with [former National Security Advisor John] Bolton”.

Additionally, she made an unusual comparison between the Trump impeachment and the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton. “President Clinton allowed witnesses to come forward. President Trump has prevented that from happening.”

Comparisons with the former head of her own party did not extend far, however. Her concluding remarks about Trump stated that his “crossing the line in Ukraine violated the Constitution in such a way that can’t be ignored.” She also referred to his “crazy tweets” and added that “when he calls someone crazy, he knows that he is.”

Source: Jordan Hoffman, vanityfair.com/news/2020/01/pelosi-to-trump-you-are-impeached-forever-and-your-tweets-are-crazy