House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff says new evidence raises questions about Mike Pence’s knowledge and involvement in the Ukraine scheme.

Chairman Schiff sent a letter to Pence saying that new evidence raises more questions:

It was reported in October that Trump got Pence involved in the Ukraine scheme, but it wasn’t until a letter provided to the Intelligence Committee by a Pence aid that there was supporting documentation to suggest that the vice president was a key player in the Ukraine plot.

There is a reason why when the Ukraine plot was exposed, one of Trump’s first actions was to go in front of the media and suggest that the House needed to investigate Pence’s communications with Ukraine.

Mike Pence has already contaminated and coated in Trump’s corruption.

Pence isn’t going to come out of this administration clean, and with Adam Schiff investigating, Pence might not make it out of the Trump administration at all.

Source: Jason Easley,