information regarding Russian activities directed at the Trump campaign was collected by CROWN on behalf of private clients.

  • XXXXXXX CROWN maintains a network of sub-sources, who, in many cases, utilize their own sub-sources. CROWN’s reporting in this matter is derived primarily from a Russian-based source, who uses a network of sub-sources. The FBI has no control over the Russian-based sub-source or any of the sub-sources used by the Russian-based sub-source.
  • XXXXXXX The FBI did not pay CROWN for the information on Russia’s activities relating to Trump and the Trump campaign. The FBI only paid for CROWN’s travel arrangements to meet with us.
    • Independent of his pre-existing source relationship to the FBI, CROWN was retained by an individual who been hired, first by a Republican primary challenger to Trump (identity unknown to the FBI), and later by an entity related to the Democratic Party (identity also unknown to the FBI).
    • Following his collection and production of information to his client(s), CROWN approached and voluntarily provided the FBI with the information he had collected, based on his stated patriotic concern about the nature of the information.
    • XXXXXXX After receiving the information, the FBI met with CROWN and told him that while the allegations in the reports were significant, the FBI needed evidence to support the allegations made in the reporting. The FBI stated that depending on the nature of such evidence, the FBI might be willing to pay for such material.

Source: Lisa Page, FBI

Lisa Page - Talking Points